Being able to run for as long and as often as we like has made a massive difference to UK runners as we ease out of strict lockdown, but there’s still no indication from the government of when we’ll be able to enjoy running as a social activity again.

For those of you who rely on a running group for motivation or social interaction, Digme are hosting free live audio-coached runs every Saturday morning at 9am. All you need is a pair of headphones and a phone with data access and you’re good to go!

The group welcomes runners of all abilities for a weekly 45-minute session – run at your own pace and however you feel comfortable, whether that’s finding a local route or using a treadmill at home.

There’s no race element to the group, it’s simply a way for runners to join together and get some advice from experts, chatting about goals and motivation.

You don’t have to run alone if you don’t want to – join the virtual running group for free here.

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