The brilliant thing about the 5K distance is that it offers a great challenge for runners of all levels. For those just getting into running, completing a 5K is a great first milestone to aim for. While more seasoned runners can try to run as fast as they can.

The 5K might be at the shorter end of the race portfolio, but don’t let that fool you. Running as fast as you can over any given distance is challenging, and the shorter the distance, the faster you’ll be running. Running faster on race day means running faster in training through interval sessions to work on your speed, get your cardiovascular system working more efficiently and your legs moving that bit quicker.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be doing those longer, slower runs. You’ll still be putting in regular easy-paced miles to help build your endurance and recovery from the tougher sessions. This will give you a chance to enjoy a few miles chatting away with friends. This is something that’s definitely recommended however long you’ve been running; going at a speed that allows you to hold a conversation is a great way to ensure you’re at an easy pace.

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