With just how seismic this moment could potentially be for Newcastle, it’s no surprise that the club’s proposed takeover only seems to be inching ever so slowly over the finish line.

Magpies fans are undoubtedly waiting with baited breath as to when it will go through, and finally end their Mike Ashley nightmare.

Are you worried about the takeover falling through?

Yes, 100%!

Yes, 100%!

No it will be done

No it will be done

As is always the case with such situations, when things don’t seem to be progressing, doubts begin to creep in. And The Daily Telegraph journalist, Luke Edwards, has delivered his own take on where it all stands at the moment on his official Twitter account.

Ashley has been notoriously quiet over these past few weeks since reports first began to emerge of PCP’s proposed takeover plans, and Edwards suggests that he may finally come out of the shadows if things don’t move forward as quickly as expected.

This promises to be a potentially vital few days in the history of Newcastle football club.

Meanwhile, Newcastle fans have slammed this former star’s comments about the club.

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