The tension in the air with the Dodgers heading to Houston has been building for months now. From the moment fans found out they could be playing the Astros, things started to get spicy.

To their credit, Dodgers players have been pretty good at downplaying the tension in the upcoming series. Several players have already said that they don’t expect a whole lot of drama during the two short games in Houston. Even more players have stressed that the only important thing from this series is walking away with wins.

But one Dodgers player just couldn’t help himself. When the Dodgers landed in Houston yesterday, the social media team post a video of the players getting off of the plane. Joc Pederson reposted the video on his story with just one word to troll the Astros.


Bang. That’s all it took for Joc to get his subtle jab in against the Astros. This of course is a reference to banging on trashcans, the method in which the Astros were able to cheat the Dodgers out of a World Series in 2017.

It just goes to show you, even if the Dodgers players say they’re all business, there’s something there. If a team cheated you out of a World Series title, you have to feel at least a little bit angry about it still. The Dodgers are going into Houston determined, so don’t be surprised if they walk away with a few wins in the series. 

Walker Buehler will take the ball on Tuesday night for the Dodgers facing off against left-hander Framber Valdez. Valdez started eight games for Houston last year and pitched to a 5.86 earned run average.

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