Wow, Reagor weighed in at 206 lbs.

Tee Higgins is a very good player, very good WR, and maybe I am wrong, but Higgins just doesn’t strike me as the kind of WR Kyle would be looking for. Higgins does a lot of things well, and he projects as a reliable redzone target, but I think Kyle is hoping to get a lot of the same qualities from Hurd, who is pushing 6’5″, only in a much more physical package, and Bourne has also developed into a reliable redzone target as well. The one element clearly missing if Sanders and Goodwin are on their way out, is speed.

If you haven’t noticed, Reagor is my 2020 draft crush, in part because I can see him being the kind of dynamic Deebo-esque chess piece that Kyle can use in so many different ways, while also giving the team a WR who, while isn’t necessarily a big bodied wideout, has the tools to work outside the numbers with great results. Among Reagor’s strengths are his abilities in the vertical passing game, which includes natural ball tracking ability as well as making contested catches along the boundaries, aided by his ability to consistently highpoint the football, plucking it out of the air, while utilizing his incredible hops (40″ vertical).

He’s basically Deebo Samuel, only a more natural fit in the vertical passing game, which seems to be the one area the team is going to have to address if Sanders and Goodwin are on their way out. Just having a WR who possess the dangerous vertical threat that Reagor does, potentially opens up the entire field, and like I said, Reagor also happens to be big enough, and strong enough to do all of the things Kyle likes to do with his receivers in terms of stretching the field horizontally, sideline to sideline, and that’s a rare combination, IMO.

Maybe the kicker for me, or the cherry on top, is that Jalen has strong NFL pedigree as well, as his father was a consensus All-American and former NFL DT. The former 2nd round pick was named as the recipient of the Ed Brock Courage Award by the Eagles in 2007, after he successfully came back from severe facial injuries sustained as the result of a serious car accident in 2006, and he is currently a member of the Eagles coaching staff. According to sources, his father instilled in his son the same kind of drive and tireless work ethic that drove him to persevere, and as a result, Jalen is said to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest worker on his team during his TCU career.
Personally, I think these things really do matter, and can have a major impact in terms of projecting NFL success.

Alas, for sake of being in danger of sounding like a broken record, this will be my last, long winded 2020 Jalen Reagor draft crush post, but thanks for playing along Scooter, lol.

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